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Daniel G. Beckett, Jr.
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Simplicitude Scratch Tracks
Rain Will Come, 3.3 mb
Veneration, 4.5 mb
Remnants of Joy & Disaster, 3.5 mb
Evaporation, 4.1 mb
Aspire, 3.7 mb
Simplicitude in E Major, 2.7 mb
Waking, 3.7 mb
Bittersweet, 3.9 mb
Violente Tendresse, 3.1 mb
Coming Home, 3.6 mb

Other Potential Tracks
Untitled 11, 5.1 mb
Untitled 12, 3.1 mb
Untitled 13, 3.4 mb
Untitled 14, 5.0 mb
Untitled 15, 3.7 mb
Untitled 16, 3.2 mb
Untitled 17, 3.6 mb
Untitled 18, 3.3 mb

Tray Card Art Concept

CD Art Concept

Simplicitude is a concept recording I am currently working on featuring acoustic piano and acoustic guitar, backed by acoustic drums, fretless bass, and percussion. The downloadable tracks are scratch piano tracks. They are not perfect, and will be all re-done, but should provide a flavor of the direction of the project.

The Simplicitude Concept

The idea behind Simplicitude is not to impress with musical virtuosity. Nonetheless, Simplicitude is an artistic ideal. As such, Simplicitudes should pay tribute to composers of esteem. Just the same, the objective of a Simplicitude is to be imminently accessible, to listener and performer alike.

The listener should be able to recall a selection subconsciously, and should be moved by the emotion of it. It should appeal to an understanding of musical grammar and syntax, but not require such learning to be enjoyed. It should linger without annoying; it should be emotive but not sentimental; it should be familiar and yet fresh.

The performer should be challenged to express in new ways, whether in meter, key, voicing, modulation, etc. It should require skill, discipline, and mastery, but not to the extent that reproducing it becomes unattainable. It should aspire without hubris; it should inspire without daunting; it should emulate without imitating.

Simplicitude is a musical form that explores the natural tensions, conflicts, and contrasts that form the basis of understanding for any human experience. For example, joy without sorrow would be hollow; Love without justice would be trite; Relationship without vulnerability would be worthless. As human beings, we acclimate to our environment; without contrast, our existence becomes mundane.

Someone once said, "The difference between joy and sorrow is a single note". Indeed, the greatest pain frequently accompanies the things most priceless in life. Hence, if a selection seems to pervade with a certain mood, be it blissful or melancholy, perhaps it is only so in context to the mood of the listener and performer. The mood of the music resonates with the mood of the listener and performer at a moment in time. And in that moment, the mood crystallizes in the mind into the essence of conflict that adds richness to our lives.