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Men of Grace Website

Men of Grace
I provided the acoustic piano track for the song "Oh the Blood" on Saved, a recording by the Men of Grace.

Men of Grace is a man's choir for Grace Centers of Hope, consisting of approximately 15 men that are currently in, or have completed, the one year rehabilitation program at Grace Centers of Hope. The style is gospel-blues with emphasis on vocal harmony.

Downloadable MP3
Oh The Blood, 5.3 mb

Calvin Thompson
"Touch My Eyes" was an award-winning song I produced and co-wrote with Calvin Thompson in 1990. Calvin now operates out of the Atlanta, GA area. For booking information, contact Calvin at 404.938.5945.

Downloadable MP3
Touch My Eyes, 3.3 mb

Jim Barber
"Angels Rejoice" is a song I produced and arranged for Jim Barber, a sing-songwriter operating out of central Michigan.

Downloadable MP3
Angels Rejoice, 2.5 mb