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a n   e x t r e m e   e x p r e s s i o n   e x p e r i e n c e

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  • Love is universal; the beauty of Love is that it can never be taken out of context because it is universal.
  • There is a difference between passion and Love; passion is conditional, Love is not.
  • Love is not a feeling or even so much an emotion as it is a decision.


  • Every point in eterenity is the middle.
  • Infinity, eternity, and God are three ways of expressing the same idea. Infinity is scientific; eternity, philosophical; God, theological.
  • Time is unreal, eternity is truth.
  • Human beings are eternal beings.
  • Your state of perfection never exceeds your understanding of the Creator.
  • Perfect solitude lies in unity.
  • Unity is a plural word; it takes two for unity to exist.
  • There is a difference between loneliness and solitude; loneliness is to be separated from the Creator; solitude is to be as one with Him.
  • The horror of Hell is eternal loneliness. The joy of paradise is perfect solitude.
  • The difference between paradox and contradiction is that the former based on truth, the latter on a lie.
  • No man's theory is ever perfectly true. To believe so is to be narrow-minded.
  • Narrow-mindedness breeds sin.
  • Sin is not past tense until admitted. Failure to admit sin allows it to remain active, resulting in failure of divine forgiveness.

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  • One's refusal to acquiesce to a fallacious assumption of others does not constitute intolerance.
  • One's acceptance or rejection of truth does nothing to persuade or dissuade its veracity.
  • Truth is not swayed by public opinion.
  • Wisdom comes from knowledge. It is knowledge applied.
  • The supply of knowledge is endless.
  • The joy of paradise is not that one will have attained all knowledge, but that one has all of eternity to do so.
  • Knowledge comes from contemplation.
  • The difference between thought and contemplation is that any fool can think, but only the wise contemplate.
  • Contemplation comes easiest in solitude.
  • Contemplation comes from a love for learning.
  • One can learn but cannot be taught--other than by ones best and only teacher: oneself.
  • One cannot learn until one is willing to be taught.
  • To understand yourself you must first understand your Creator.