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© 1996-2003.
Daniel G. Beckett, Jr.
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"The art of art
      the glory of expression
          and the sunshine
             of the light of letters
                is simplicity."
Walt Whitman

1up Modus Operandi

  • To express one's self in a personal yet professional manner...
  • To illustrate that personality is not antithetical to professionalism (which so many sites suggest)...
  • To strive for continuous improvement in all areas of expression...
  • To never cease the struggle against complacency and mediocrity...
  • To incite inspiration and to cause creative competition...
  • Not necessarily to attain the ultimate accolade, but to relentlessly pursue it...
  • To work within an accepted and accessable construct but to transcend structure with content...
  • To communicate "This is not just what I do, this is who I am..."

Closeups in Nature
©1987 by John Shaw
AMPHOTO, an imprint of Watson-Guptill Publications, New York. ISBN0-8174-4051-8.

A successful picture unites both your technical and poetic skills. One side of you must be a rational, scientific clinician who sets up the camera, chooses an exposure setting, and goes through the mechanics of photography. The other side should be a sensitive, mystical artist who intuitively reacts to a subject and decides on matters of composition and design. Good photography synthesizes these two approaches to the world while not allowing either to dominate. A technocrat without emotion is clinical and soulless, while a poet without order is bound within personal imagery and cannot convey his or her feelings to others.

Song of Myself: Personal Publishing on the Net
by Matthew Hawn
MACWORLD, August 1996, p. 131

Forget Marshall McLuhan. The real patron saint of the Internet ought to be Walt Whitman. Whitman claimed his Leaves of Grass was "an attempt, from first to last, to put a Person, a human being . . . freely, fully and truly on record." I can't think of a better guideline for creating personal Web pages. Without personal pages, the Web is just another place to buy cubic-zirconium necklaces and designer chocolate. If the Net is going to be the virtual town hall promised by politicians and technology mavens, we need to populate it with the voices of individuals. We have to become creators as well as consumers of information.