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I work very hard to be sure all of my sites work in both in Communicator & Internet Explorer.

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NetObjects Fusion is simply the finest WYSIWYG site management tool available, IMO.


QuickTime 4 provides the engine for viewing my QuickTimeVR files. I use VRToolbox to author the QTVR files.


Most MP3s on this site were encoded using DropMP3. DropMP3 is a Mac-based utility for encoding MP3s using the LAME libraries.

To learn more about LAME (LAME Ain't an Mp3 Encoder), and for pointers to LAME MP3 encoders for other platforms, visit the official site: http://lame.sourceforge.net/


Most of the 24-bit to 16-bit dithering on this site was performed using Mastering Tools, a Mac-based application designed for dithering uncompressed AIFF files into 16-bit, CD-ready files.


BBEdit is the coolest text editor I've found to date. I use it to write all of my raw HTML, JavaScript, Perl, PHP, etc.


I actually use both Macs and Wintel boxes extensively when creating my sites. While I gravitate to the MacOS,  not all of the best tools are available for MacOS these day (e.g., NetObjects Fusion!). This actually works to my advantage, however, because there are distinct differences between the platforms when it comes to viewing web sites. That's why my sites are fully platform independent.


My hosting provider, based in Pittsburgh, PA.


I use Perl for most of my backend CGI scripting, including the diecast database.


Apache is the web server provided by Pair Networks. While it's not the easiest server to deal with from a configuraiton standpoint, it is fairly flexible, extremely stable, and definitely gets the job done.


MySQL is an open-source database engine available to Pair Network customers. It offers a robust, scalable, SQL-compliant database environment with excellent hooks to Perl and PHP. I use it specifically for the diecast database.


I use PHP in a few selected spots (like the literature section, for auto-generating the page titles). While it is argueably easier to use and more efficient than Perl, I came upon it after I had already developed most of the dynamic content on this site...and didn't feel like porting all that Perl code!